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Delavan Bathroom Remodeling

Revitalize your bathroom’s look and feel and turn it into a fresher, more welcoming, and more elegant space in your home. With a top-of-the-line Delavan bathroom remodeling package from Milwaukee Bath and Shower, you can upgrade and update your bathroom into the relaxing and functional space you need.

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As your top-notch bathroom improvement company, we incorporate your tastes, needs, ideas, and budget into our bathroom designs, allowing a complete renovation package that truly reflects your personality. We offer a wide range of upgrades and modifications for virtually every bathroom need you have.

We provide on-site and online evaluations and consultations so we can have a personal discussion about how we can best accomplish your bathroom upgrade needs. All you need for your Delavan, WI bathroom remodeling goals is in one company.

Call the bathroom remodeling experts at Milwaukee Bath and Shower at (262) 239-4799 for your Free Consultation!

Bath & Shower Renovation

With all the moisture, dirt and cleaning products that the typical bathroom is exposed to, it is no mystery that many features in a bathroom, no matter how strong they are, become subject to eventual wear and tear. Cracks, stains, and fading in your tub or shower surface are not just unattractive, they can harbor dirt, mold and mildew.

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We believe that everyone wants and deserves a clean, relaxing, fresh, and comfortable bathroom. So, we offer a huge range of bathtubs, showers and extras like safety grab bars, benches, shelves and corner caddies in a wide range of colors, styles and materials.

Our products are high-quality and affordable.

At Milwaukee Bath and Shower, we are fully committed to bringing the best Delavan bathroom remodeling services to your home project, whether you want to renovate your master bathroom, guest bathroom, or half bathroom. Even if you just want to update your bathroom style or there happens to be a change in your lifestyle, we are here to provide everything you need to have a fantastic bathroom remodeling project.

Shower & Bath Conversion

If you want to change your shower to a bathtub or your bathtub into a shower, Milwaukee Bath and Shower can do that for you. Whether you have changes in your lifestyle, mobility or just need a change in function, replacing bathtubs and shower systems is a popular choice in bathroom remodeling.

custom shower tile replacement

We offer a wide selection of quality bathtub and shower options, and our experienced technicians can upgrade your bathroom with the very minimum of cost and hassle for you.

At Milwaukee Bath and Shower offer free consultations and our knowledgeable will help guide you to make the best choices to suit your bathroom remodeling needs.

We pride ourselves on building our business primarily through satisfied customer referrals, so we make sure to treat every job with the professionalism and attention to detail it requires. We work quickly, efficiently and promise not to leave a mess behind when we are done.


Walk-in Tubs and Accessibility Options

Delavan Bathroom Remodeling bath remodel segment 300x199 1If you or a family member have trouble standing for a long time or struggle safely stepping over the wall of your bathtub, you can make a huge improvement in your life and health by adding a walk-in tub or low- or no-barrier shower in your bathroom remodel project.

You can add grab bars for bath or shower stability, permanent or flip-up benches, corner shelves, whirlpool jets and handheld showers. You can even add a wide-entrance, no-barrier shower with extra room for a caregiver if needed.

These up-to-date options make bathing easier and safer for everyone in your family.

Let’s Talk – Free Consultation

Delavan Bathroom Remodeling mbs logo 300x77Milwaukee Bath and Shower is a first-rate bathroom remodeling company committed to providing the best bathroom solutions, products, and services to our clients. Tell us your preferences, needs, goals, schedule, and budget for your dream Delavan bathroom remodeling project. We can provide everything you need, from consultations and planning for any bath or shower installation, remodel, or upgrade.

For a refreshingly new look on your bathroom that can significantly improve your relaxation, all you need to do is call Milwaukee Bath and Shower, the best and most trusted Delavan bathroom remodeling company.

Call Milwaukee Bath and Shower at (262) 239-4799 for your Free Consultation!


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